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Welcome to Vinny Valentino's Groove Class, an online course where we'll explore the concept of groove and learn how to make it happen. In this course, we'll cover rhythm, timing, phrasing, dynamics, and feel, and you'll learn how to lock in with a rhythm section, create tension and release, and communicate with other players. We'll also dive deep into recording and why it's the most important tool for self analysis.

Through a series of video/text lessons, backing tracks , and exercises, you'll learn how to unlock the groove within you and connect with the rhythm of the music. We'll start with a simple exercise where you'll play along with backing tracks form PlayAlongTunes and find your place in the groove. Then, we'll listen to some classic recordings and analyze what makes them groove.

As you progress through the course, you'll learn how to apply these concepts to different styles of music, from jazz and funk to rock and pop. You'll also have the opportunity to play with other musicians through our online community and get feedback on your playing.

By the end of this course, you'll be a more confident and skilled musician, able to create and maintain a groove in any musical situation. So let's get started and groove together!

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Welcome to my groove class. The ability to groove is essential for any musician, regardless of the genre or instrument. When you groove, you create a rhythmic foundation that sets the tone for the entire performance. It's what makes people want to dance, feel good, and connect with the music.

Groove is not just about playing the right notes or rhythms. It's about understanding the feel and flow of the music, and being able to communicate that feeling to your audience. When you groove, you create a musical conversation between you and your fellow musicians, and between you and your listeners.

As a musician, your ultimate goal should be to create an emotional connection with your audience. And that connection starts with the groove. When you can make people feel the rhythm, you can make them feel anything. So, no matter what instrument you play or what style of music you prefer, always remember that the groove is the foundation of your performance.

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